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Best Beaches For A Vacation

A vacation is deserved by all those who work hard no matter what their job is. It not only helps you to relax and clear your mind, but also gives the perfect opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your family or friends. Though various people have different ideas about their dream vacation, beaches are usually the commonest spots for a good vacation that everybody looks forward to. Here are a few examples of the best beaches in the world to spend your vacation in. 

Camps Bay Beach 

This is situated just a few minutes away from Cape Town, South Africa. The beach is crystal blue and the sand soft and golden. The beach is shaped in a wide arc and is the perfect spot for a view of a sunset. From the beach, you will be able to view the mountain range of twelve apostles which stands so majestically. It has a very young and energetic crowd that keeps you active and enjoy every moment of your holiday to its best. Don’t forget to get some boat charters and take a ride in the seas for the glorious views. Check out more here https://www.finolhu.com/boat-charter 

Pink sands beach 

This is situated in the Harbour Island of the Bahamas. As the name suggests, the sand is pink owing to the rose coloured shells of creatures named foraminifera which is found plenty in this beach. The beach is wide and calm with teal coloured water, ideal for a walk or a lie down. The beach is 3 miles long and there are many golf carts available for transport. There are many restaurants around this place where you can enjoy a meal if you get hungry, and don’t forget to order some conch fritters with is authentic of this place.  

Makena Beach  

This is situated in Maui, Hawaii, the ultimate goal of a beach vacation. It is the perfect background for all the photoholics out there. This stretch of golden sands is Maui’s largest beach and gives great views of other islands like Kahoolawe and Molokini crater. There are many lifeguards around, so you need not worry about children running. You can look forward to take part and enjoy many water sports like diving, surfing and snorkelling in here.  

Beaches of the Bandos Islands 

It is situated in the Maldives, which is a country made up of many different islands. Beaches are common in here, and this is one of the prettiest owing to its pearl white sand on a backdrop of turquoise water. It is one of the best Maldives snorkeling sites due to the presence of beautiful coral reefs, colourful tropical fish, and many other aquatic life that simply takes your breath away.  

The beaches to enjoy around the world are plenty. Make sure to pick one and make a vacation out of it.  

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