The Benefits Of ‘Me’ Time In A Relationship

When a couple gets together it can be easy to feel as though you want to spend every moment together. In fact, this is a common promise in wedding vows. It is fashionable for a couple to boast that they are attached at the hip, that they cannot be separated and that they are completely happy with each other.

If the couple in question really are happy this way, that’s great. But more often than not (and research backs this up), couples who have no social life outside of themselves and no personal time to focus on individual growth are not completely content; they have suppressed their need for individual expression in favour of a more harmonious relationship and in doing so have lost the ability to be truly happy with themselves as well as each other.Yes, being in a relationship changes you and it should. But it should never subjugate our individuality and our personal space. Relationships can be magical when both parties feel they can be themselves completely. Besides, a little ‘me’ time always makes you miss and want your partner more, doesn’t it? Know more about Asoke bts hotel.

Take Time Away

If you can afford it, a weekend away in luxurious center point hotel at Sukhumvit is the best therapy for feeling cramped and claustrophobic in your relationship. This allows you to forgo daily chores and simply relax. Plus they afford you great privacy and you can cut loose a bit. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun in the evening, as long as know your limits and stick to them. Time away is not a break from the relationship, especially if you are in a monogamous relationship. Before you leave however, be honest with yourself about your motives: if you are truly looking for a break, that’s great. If you feel like you can finally breathe when you’re on your own, you’ve got a problem.

Remain Socially Connected

Do not give up friendships that you had prior to being in a committed relationship. Many couples find themselves focusing more on friends they make as a couple, especially after they get married, than on friends they each had prior to meeting each other. This can be detrimental for several reasons. If one of you is a social butterfly and the other isn’t, that party can feel left out; if you need a support system outside of your partner, your old friends are usually the best since they’ve known you longer; and if the relationship doesn’t work out for some reason, you still need a social life to get back to.

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